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Have you ever been in the middle of Sun Salutations and all of a sudden been overwhelmed with emotion? Or more likely, lying in savasana, or sitting during meditation and began sobbing? First, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Second, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU, AND YOU ARE NOT CRAZY. Third, YOU SHOULD NOT LET THIS DETER YOU FROM CONTINUING TO PRACTICE. You should practice regularly!!! The fact that this occurs is a clue that you are being truly present in your practice and that you have allowed for these emotions to come to the surface. Good for you!!!!

We all, have had experiences throughout the course of our lives that have been unpleasant or traumatic. Some may continue to struggle with these memories on a daily basis. Others of us may be dealing with something unpleasant on a daily basis but as a means to cope and function, we stuff these memories, experiences and the emotions that go along with them, somewhere as deep in our subconscious as we can so they won't "bother us." This can prove to be effective as we run from one thing to the next in our daily lives not giving ourselves more than a minute to rest, relax, breathe or eat for that matter. We tell ourselves, we don't have the time to deal with THAT right now, and so we don't. When we practice yoga effectively and mindfully, we allow our thinking mind to quiet and settle. It is during these times that those things we work so hard to keep tucked in bubble to the surface. The word yoga means to unite. We practice in an effort to unite our bodies, minds, and souls. Not acknowledging & processing is very far from unity. It is in fact, a disjointedness amongst those parts of ourselves. It is when we are still that great things can happen for us. Sitting quietly in meditation, or practicing the physical part of yoga as a moving meditation can help us get answers to questions that may be elusive. We can tackle challenges more readily with a clear mind and a calm heart. Anxiety can be released, energy restored, a new outlook provided, but we must be receptive and allow for it to happen. When these emotions rise, especially if in a group class, this can be extremely uncomfortable and make it all the more overwhelming. Know, that the majority of those who are in that room with you would not judge you. Every one of us is working through something and we are there to support and uplift each other during our practice. We are looking for a different way to live, move through our lives, and have a deeper connection to each other and the world around us. That's why we roll out our mats. If the tears flow, let them. It is a much needed release. It may happen many times before you even understand why, but if the process is allowed, answers will come. Maybe it's something that has been a lifelong struggle for you, and this release is just the tip of the iceberg. Continue to use your mat to unburden yourself and perhaps seek a mental health professional to bridge the gap. Carrying these negative feelings, emotions, and thoughts around each day is a heavy burden to bear and over time, this baggage begins to impact our physical bodies as well, creating tension, tightness, and pain that contributes to our burden. When we can be in a safe place to surrender to these powerful emotions, let them rise, process them and let them go, we can walk through life lighter, and with an open heart. If the thought of letting it flow during a class upsets you, zoom class in your comforting space, keep your tissues close by and always feel free to talk to me after class about anything you need to. Releasing and letting go empowers us so much more than stuffing down and carrying on. The latter just confirms something looming and lurking and waiting for a chance to sabotage us on our journey to freedom from suffering. Holding our feelings in causes us to be shackled to them, which is the complete opposite of freedom. Give yourself permission to be present enough to let emotions move through you not be stuck inside of you. The rewards will astound you.


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Unknown member
Feb 27, 2023

If that’s what needs to happen….let it! Know that you’re supported!


Unknown member
Feb 26, 2023

I am so crying at yoga from now on.

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