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My name is Christine Calabrese.  I have been a yoga therapist since 2016.    Up to that point, I was practicing general dentistry in Western New York since 1992 when a back problem and subsequent surgery forced me to sell my practice.  The physical posture and stress had taken a toll on my body, and I still have chronic back problems.    The career shift to teaching was quite different and left me struggling to regain a sense of purpose.  In 2012 I starting practicing yoga a few times a week in an effort to try and ease my physical pain.  I did find some relief but I was more focused on the mental and emotional benefits yoga offered me. I thought, there must be a way to bring these benefits to others who are suffering therapeutically.    After doing some research I found a yoga therapy program that suited my needs and received my foundations certificate in yoga therapy. (250 hrs). I do still teach in a dental capacity at ECC North in the School of Dental Hygiene but I can say that teaching yoga and meditation has become my passion.   Deepening my meditation practice, and devotion to learning more about all the aspects of yoga, helped me to heal from the anxiety & uncertainty of a major career shift and loss of what I knew to be my normal.  I educate myself through continuing education and regular yoga practice and I believe my knowledge of western medicine and health through my dental education gives me a unique perspective as I merge that foundation with holistic healing practices and my own triumphs (and failures), to help my clients find some peace and relief from pain.  I consider myself a "work in progress" and look forward to helping others begin their work towards healing. One on one sessions as well as classes include use of props to make any pose accessible and to meet you at your level. If you, or someone you know is suffering on any level, contact me today and begin your journey to be well! 


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