what we do

Help ease suffering from symptoms of chronic pain, depression, anxiety, poor stress management, or just to increase strength & flexibility.

Private Yoga Therapy


Just getting started with yoga?  Intimidated by a class?    Do you suffer with chronic pain, anxiety, or depression?  Has your Dr. suggested yoga and you don't know where to start?   If you said YES to any of those questions, try a few private sessions to get familiar with yoga and your body.  

 Learn how to better manage stress through yoga poses, breathing techniques, and meditations tailored to your specific needs.  Practices are meant to be done at home as well.  Sessions are as often as needed, usually every 3-4 weeks and are approx. 60 mins.  $60.00/session.

Private group session

3-5 people $15/person


Yoga Therapy Classes

Different from a standard yoga class in that these are targeted at relieving specific issues both physical and emotional.  SEE CLASS PAGE FOR SCHEDULE AND DESCRIPTION.  ALL CLASSES $10 AND ARE 60 MINS UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED.