I have any props you may need and mats too but if you have your own I encourage you to bring them.  All of my borrowed items do get disinfected after each class.

I am happy to say the vast majority of attendees have been vaccinated!  We can have 6 people in person.   If in person is what you would like please message me when you sign up for class so that I can block off in person space.  Zoom slots are unlimited.  If you are not fully vaccinated and would like to come in person you should wear your mask  to protect yourself.  We can be 3-6 ft apart depending upon how many are in person.

If using Zoom, you simply need to download the zoom app to your device.  Once you've signed up and paid for your class you will receive an email with the ID and password for the class.  Please keep this written down!  If password changed you will receive notification.


You must sign up through book online page ahead of time for any and all classes.  You may sign up as early as a week ahead and no later than 3 hours before class time.  For morning classes, you must sign up before 9 pm the night before.  Payment can be made through Venmo, Zelle, credit card, or cash at studio.  ALL CLASSES ARE NOW $10,  still less than most drop in class fees!   Venmo, Zelle, or cash preferred****


Individual private yoga therapy sessions can be done in person or through zoom.


I have an air purifier, and a fan to help circulate the air and windows will be kept open whenever possible.

Private clients can easily socially distance during our session and I always have masks available.  

If you have questions about anything at all, do not hesitate to contact Christine via email or phone.  (please see "contact" page).