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Meet Terry

Terry has been practicing with me for a little over a year.  Terry is 90 years young.  Yes, I said 90!  She comes every Saturday morning with her daughter Linda and has recently added chair yoga to her practice as well.    I was able to catch up with her recently (she is VERY BUSY).  Here's how our chat went..........

Christine:  "What inspired you to practice yoga?"

Terry:  "I'm anxious.  I worry often and I wanted to work on better balance. I'm nervous about falling.  I have advanced arthritis in my hip and I wanted to give this a try."

Christine:  "How has your experience been ?"

Terry:  "I've been coming every week and I've noticed significant improvement.  I am more relaxed, my joints don't hurt as much, I have clear thinking.  It helps with my anxiety,  For me, the teacher is most important.  A lot of poses are out of my reach and I need help modifying.  Christine  provides me with confidence, strength and assistance so I can do what everyone on the mat is doing except I am in a chair.  

Christine:  "What would you tell others about therapeutic yoga if they are suffering from chronic pain or anxiety?"

Terry:  "DO IT!  TRY IT!  Moving is so important especially as you age.  Your body will definitely feel better and so will your mind!" 

Terry is an inspiration and a joy to have in class.  She is willing to try any pose with assistance and provides some comic relief when she's encouraged to step out of her comfort zone.  I am thankful that Linda and Terry found my studio and I look forward to seeing them each week.  

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