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Staying balanced during a pandemic

Catchy title! Are you intrigued and eager to find out how to remain balanced? If only I had the answer! I too, am really trying to figure out just how to do that. What I’ve discovered about myself during these times of contagion and conspiracy theories is that my personality DEMANDS balance. In my job(s), my relationships, my parenting, my health, my diet, my exercise routine, pretty much every aspect of me needs to be in balance. If you put any stock in astrology it makes absolute sense as I am a Libra. Scales. Balance. Covid-19 and all its splendor has ripped just about all of my balance out from under me. I have been on the corona coaster many times and am now screaming “ STOP THE RIDE I WANNA GET OFF!!!” I’m up, I’m down, I’m down, I’m still down, I’m hanging on by a thread to be something that even resembles HAPPY. Whoaaaaaa I’m up again! No not really. Does any of this resonate with ANYONE? How many more trips have you made to the wine cabinet? Are you eating HO-HOS again? Trying to find some semblance of normal has been impossible because nothing is normal. People are afraid to come to the studio or dine indoors,or resume going to their gym. None of that should be anyone’s normal and yet it is what we are faced with. I’ve adapted to donning a mask as part of my wardrobe ( I’m looking into a furry cheetah print for winter). I’m ok with take out only or outdoor dining. Travel, however, is something that helps maintain my balance and that has not, nor will it, be happening anytime soon. My ever-patient husband and I did go on a wonderful camping trip in July but it feels like it was a year ago. In a year where I’ve had every opportunity to be mindful I feel like these last 6 months have been an eternity and yet here I am in September already, still experiencing Groundhog Day. If you don’t get the reference find the trailer! What are we left with? Keeping ourselves busy in a useful way. Being and feeling useful is how we maintain balance and not just during a pandemic. This is true in general. Help those who need your help in whatever capacity you can. I am eagerly anticipating full classes in person ( who doesn’t need yoga right now)!? I’m working on videos for a private YouTube channel for those who cannot come to the studio. I am working to keep you all; as well as myself engaged, hopeful and happy! Balance your binge with nature, your solitude with connection, your fears with equanimity and joy and for those that are here in Buffalo, put on your yoga mask and join me either in person or on zoom, to continue our quest for mental, spiritual, and physical balance. As always, contact me with any concerns about in person practice. I want to thank my military veterans who come to my class each Tuesday, with their masks, (yes, it is do-able) all help me keep my balance!

We can find our way through all of this together. Be well, find peace, maintain your balance. ❤️

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