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Februarys' theme was about connections. Our connections to each other, everything & everyone in the universe, our mind body connection, and our connection to our true selves. I think with all of the changes to our lives surrounding the covid-19 pandemic many of us have become disconnected. Add on the separatism surrounding getting or not getting vaccinated and the political polarization as a result. Let's not forget, we are all human beings. It's easy to become incensed when opinions differ from our own, and we get outraged by another's thought processes that we can't fathom. I am guilty as well! What we ALL need to do is breathe, take a step back and try to understand where someone else is coming from and if that understanding doesn't arise, (sometimes it won't), then agree to peacefully disagree respecting our inherent connection and also, staying true to ourselves.

Our mind/body connection is so important. So many of us go about our days completely disconnected from ourselves. Having minimal awareness of our bodies, how they move and what's happening within them. We don't feel our feelings, we stuff them down somewhere so deep in the hopes we won't have to face them. We race through life from one thing or place to the next never really fully experiencing any of them completely whether positively or negatively because we are afraid of slowing down. Of being still. With stillness, we are forced to sit with ourselves and often that is very uncomfortable. Those emotions/ideas/thoughts that were jammed into the deepest parts of ourselves float up into our conscious minds and we don't like it. Sometimes, they can be extremely overwhelming and painful. If we can learn to just sit and be with these feelings whatever they are, it can free us from mental and emotional stagnation, guilt, resentment, regret, and anxiety. This liberation is one of the many benefits of meditation. If you are new to meditation and your experiences are overwhelming I would not say do not meditate. Perhaps seek counseling along your journey, and continue to move forward at your own pace. Look for a meditation teacher. Notice too, what happens in your body as we let these emotions come. Is there tension/tightness, and can we breathe to release that tension and create lightness instead. There are tools to allow us to sit with and eventually release our emotional burdens which can then become physical and mental burdens as well.

Whatever you allow your mind to tell you is your story. We all have the power to change the story if we need or want to. It takes AWARENESS,PRACTICE, a SUPPORT SYSTEM and STAYING CONNECTED on all levels.

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