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An attitude for gratitude

Of all the attitudes one could have, why have an attitude for gratitude? For starters, being grateful has an overall positive effect on our well-being. Who couldn't stand more positivity in their lives?? Being grateful also allows for a shift of focus from bad or negative things to good and joyful things. Most of us, no matter how great an experience is, will tend to focus on the not so great aspects of the experience. It's human nature. Fortunately, we can break the habit by simply fostering an attitude for gratitude. Each and every day, no matter how lousy it may have been, find one positive thing about it. Hold that tightly and breathe it in to every cell in your body. If you truly can't find anything good then bring into your mind a person, or people in your life for whom you are grateful; feel how just thinking about those people can uplift you and stay with those feelings instead of the ones that drag you down and make you feel sad or angry. It's such a small thing with immensely powerful results; it's too bad doctors aren't prescribing it!! It's much easier to spiral downward on a whirlwind of negative emotions than it is to cultivate an opposite pattern of thinking. Awareness is the key. Be aware of your emotions. Become sensitized to them in order to be able to pave the way for thankfulness and gratitude which will in turn, pave the way for a more joyful, and full life.


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